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As a freelance instructor, sessions can be done at the your stables or where it is most convenient for you and your horse.

Travel is free in a radius of 10 miles from Chichester and any following miles are 40p per mile (round trip).

If you would like to take your horse to a difference location or play with different obstacles to improve your horse confidence, simulate various scenarios such as loading or simply have some more fun - Whispering Beach stables located in West Wittering can be hired.

The facility has a sand school and playfield that also has a roundpen and various obstacles e.g. bridge, sesaw, ditch, logs, tires, carwash etc.


Pens are available for your horse. And if you would like to stay for more than one day Racing Sea Horse B&B is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful south coast.


The beach is only 15 minutes ride away. 

Whispering Beach Stables

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