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Horse Development

Does your horse find it difficult to be:

  • Caught

  • Handled

  • Loaded

  • Clipped

  • Standing still for the farrier or vet

  • Saddled or bridled

  • Leaving the herd or yard

  • Be confident in new places


All the above can be achieved with and for the horse. Each of the above I view as a question to the horse. Sometimes we don't like the answer because the horse questions us. By looking at the ingredients needed for the horse to be able to make sense, it allows the horse to view our question as something possible. What is in the centre of this, is the relationship. Can we get the relationship to a place where we can do something with the horse e.g. jumping, driving, hacking etc. anything that may draw on that, test and strengthen the relationship.  

I believe for every problem there is a solution but the solution may not be straight forward or what we expect could “fix” the problem. Usually the problem is not the actual problem but just what is reflected at that time. It is essential to look at what is causing the horse to feel and respond that way. A big factor is time, are we willing to give the horse the time he needs?


These sessions are focused on the horse's needs, where I will be exploring his way of thinking and feeling towards a situation. What is to be kept in mind though is how we influence the horse and their response. Once we have the horse in a more cooperative position it is essential that the horses's human also explores and develops their skills, awareness and approach. Just because the horse will offer something to someone, it does not mean the horse will offer the same to someone else. 

I also offer in-house development where I can focus more insensitively on the horse's needs for things such as:

  • Young horse development

  • Re-starting

  • Further Development e.g. hacking, loading etc.

Please contact me if you would like to get more information on in-house development.

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