Horse Coaching

Does your horse find it difficult to be:

  • Caught

  • Loaded

  • Clipped

  • Standing still for the farrier or vet

  • Saddled or bridled

  • Leaving the herd or yard

  • Be confident in new places


This list could go on. It could be anything you would like your horse to be able to understand better, accomplish with more confidence and curiosity. 

This approach can help you and your horse with any discipline as well e.g. jumping, driving, dressage etc.


I believe for every problem there is a solution but the solution may not be straight forward or what we expect could “fix” the problem. Usually the problem is not the actual problem but just what is reflected at that time. It is essential to look at what is causing the horse to feel and respond that way.


Even though these sessions are designed to help the horse understand and help him change his way of thinking and feeling towards a situation, these situations will reappear if the human does not also explore and develop their skills, awareness and approach. During sessions you will be explained what is going on with your horse and why and how I am helping the horse. I also will be giving you the chance to have a feel with my support, to ensure you can continue the process and continue your journey.