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Horse Development

Would you like your horse to have a start into his ridden life where he has the chance to take the time he needs, that is progressive yet respects his needs and builds his confidence and curiosity?

Would you like your horse to be exercised or looked after by someone that will take care of his trust, confidence yet progress, using Natural Horsemanship? 


I believe that the start of any horse is important and it’s even more important what and how the horse feels during that process.


Horse development does not just apply to young horses but it may be that you would like your horse to have a good first clipping, trailer loading, dentist session etc.

Developing your horse to become the partner in any situation.


  • Young horse development:

    • General handing

    • Pre-saddle

  • Re-starting

  • Further development

  • Specific training:

    • Trailer loading​

    • Clipping

    • Vet prep

    • Hacking

  • Exercising and looking after 

Young horse being prepard for riding
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