Human Coaching

Would you like to:

  • Learn more about horse behaviour? How your horse thinks and how you can be a the partner your horse would like you to be?

  • Learn how to develop your horse to be a calm, reliable, trusting, willing partner?

  • Learn more about the importance of a foundation? And how to build your and your horse's relationship on a solid foundation including groundwork and ridden?

  • How to take this to the next level?

  • Improve or resolve issues such as catching, bridling, loading or anything you would like to get with more quality?

  • Improve your or your horse confidence in each other?

  • Become a more effective, confident and trusting rider?

  • Have more fun or spark things up?

These sessions are designed for either with or without your horse depending on your or your horse's requirements.

This can include theory, groundwork and ridden sessions as well as sessions on a specific focus or progress towards your personal goals.

During sessions we will explore how Horse & Human influence each other, why that may be happening and how to build awareness to develop new ways of being around each other.