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Horse & Human Development

Would you like to:

  • Learn more about horse behaviour? How your horse thinks and how you can be a the partner your horse would like you to be?

  • Learn how to develop your horse to be a calm, reliable, trusting, willing partner?

  • Learn more about the importance of a foundation? And how to build your and your horse's relationship on a solid groundwork and ridden foundation?

  • How to take this to the next level?

  • Improve or resolve issues such as catching, bridling, loading or anything you would like to get with more quality?

  • Improve your or your horse confidence in each other?

  • Become a more effective, confident in your horse & human partnership?

  • Have more fun or spark things up?

  • Improve self-awareness and how your feelings and thoughts impact your horse?

This can include theory, groundwork and ridden sessions as well as sessions on a specific focus or progress towards your personal goals.

Through my understanding in Horse & Human Development I am able to offer insight into your inner world, hold space and containment whilst delving deeper in gaining understanding and increasing your awareness. Having self-awareness enables us to be more present when being with horses and we become more attuned to our internal dialogue. 

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