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I could have chosen "horses and humans" in harmony/ unity or unite/unified/connecting and many more, but I personally feel those already mean you are in harmony but what about the process? Choosing “bringing together” feels there is more of a process behind that movement, something has or had to happen for that to happen.

Once together you will be in harmony, unified and connected.


I believe it always takes one to take the first step towards the other. But this may also be to take a step towards improving themselves, learn something new, changing the approach etc. Usually it’s the human that is asked to make the first step in the horse-human relationship. Humans are the ones who want the horse to do something or be part of their partnership. So it's us who need to convince the horse that his time is worth spending with us.

Sometimes it only requires small changes but sometimes it takes a little more.


Horses & Humans can always come closer together, even when things are going well. This might be getting better groundwork skills, getting a better attitude, getting better lead changes, improving your trailer loading, getting better at something or extending the foundation or knowledge. Anything that can be improved will help you and your horse.


My concept is to help the horse, the human and both together to come closer together.

By either helping the horse through a good start, a foundation to help your horse be the partner you would like him to be. Or by helping the horse to understand the human world better e.g. trailer loading, clipping, hacking, trimming, through understanding and communication.


The human can learn how to become a better horseman, which will create a better partnership between horse and human. This can include how to approach loading, how to saddle in a polite manner, how to get your horse to catch you etc. These might sound like small things, but to your horse it will make a big difference and he will appreciate your approach. But perhaps most importantly understanding our inner dialogue and feelings when we are doing something with our horses. 

I am able to offer a space for both Horse & Human, integrating natural horsemanship with Counselling and Equine Facilitated Development, that provides a safe, holding and containing environment. Where not only the Horse & Human relationship can flourish but the human relationship offers regulation and reflection. 


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