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I have not written a blog in a while.

I have been busy with assignments, clinics and teaching. So summer will be quiet busy as I continue doing my Equine Facilitated Human Development training.

At the weekend a little dream came true, one I thought would never come true and also one that I had kind of forgotten about.

I met Frédéric Pignon.

I used to read about him in my mother’s French horse magazines and I saw him at a show. But I was little and it was more like dream watching him interact with his horses.

I remember listening to music and close my eyes, imagining playing with horses at liberty to music. I never thought that one day I would be able to play with horses and let alone meet him.

He truly is an amazing horseman. The way he interacted, touched and spoke with and about the horses was beautiful. You could see and feel the love and passion he has for these amazing creatures. He really touched them with his heart.

His words reminded me of the importance to have a dream when we are with our horses. I mean we all started to be with horses because we had a dream, I certainly did.

I feel that over the past years I kind of forgot about that dream I had but he brought it back. It is that truly being with the horse, something untouchable and unspeakable, something that only exists in dreams, but it is possible.

That dream allows us to look beyond what we have and look for the untouchable.

It certainly has changed the way I am with my horses. Perhaps it has always been there but he woke it up, reminded me of what really is important.

One thing that is far more important than our own dream though, is that the horses get to live their dream e.g. they are happy being with us. It shouldn’t just be our dreams that are important.

So often the horse is forgotten in this process because all we see is our goal.

But for me, my dream, the horse is just as much a part of my dream, so I need to make sure my horse is happy with the process.

So when you next spend some time with your horse, or in life general, remind yourself of what your dream is, how does it feel and look. Embody it.

Like I said above I am quiet busy, but I will try to continue writing my blog, at least monthly.

If you would like to continue receiving my blog or news, make sure you re-subscribe, as from the 25th of May the new Data Protection law is in place.

If you don’t you will not be receiving any more emails.

Enjoy your weekend.

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