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Resolutions and Goals for 2018

Happy New Year.

I hope you had a great start into 2018. In my last blog I spoke about reflecting on 2017. So now I will be talking about how goals and resolutions can give you a focus, and how these can be met by have step-by-step goals.

Some people like to start something or finish something, but there are also some that like to stay in the middle, because it is comfortable.

Those who like to start something will probably find it easier to set goals because they are eager to get started. If you like to finish things you might already be thinking about how your end result will look like and how you will get there. And if you like to stay in the middle, you might know your goal but not too sure yet how you will get there.

To be honest I like to finish things, but usually get a little stuck half way, because I am worried about finishing it. How will I know if it’s good enough!

When thinking about resolutions, I think of something that will change, or improve myself, my situation or outlook on life. I usually do not have New Year’s resolutions as I find myself having one every week or so. I always seem to add to my list.

But starting at the beginning of the year makes it easier for one to complete that resolution, as it may take time, work and effort to make that happen.

It also makes a difference whether you believe that you can achieve it, or start off already doubting yourself.

For goals, you might have a couple, they will vary, it may be one from 2017 or 20??. Set your goals, have dreams and imagine.

Now that you have your resolution and/or goals, how will you achieve them? This is where people often get stuck or frustrated because they do not know how they can achieve those. Think about what ingredients are required to successfully complete them.

One thing to maybe also think about, are you doing those for yourself or are other’s involved and is it important to you how they feel about the journey to your goals.

I always think that I want both my horse and myself to be pleased, rather than just me. My journey is just as important as the goal.

Once you have the ingredient for your goal, try to get them done before you even try your goal, you might even find that most you can already do.

Some ingredients might not be horse related, it may be that you have to work on your mental, emotional or physical fitness, improve your skills, become more self-aware etc. You might need some help from friends or professionals.

Have a plan when you would like to get the single ingredient completed. This will help to stay on track, help you identify whether you need to give yourself more time but also show you how much you have achieved so far. This can be helpful when you are feeling stuck or unmotivated.

Have in your plans somewhere, where you can see them, to motivate you and also remind you of your goals.

Give yourself some reward when you have achieved your little steps towards your goal.

So we now also have the middle part. The goals seem close and achievable. Knowing that something is that close from happening can put a lot of pressure on oneself, this can lead to frustration, especially if something didn’t go well during preparation or general stress.

Your horse will notice this. He will feel every bit of frustration, upset, anger or worries you have.

Don’t let your emotions get between you and your horse relationship. Remember earlier I mentioned that the journey is just as important as the goal.

I often see people getting frustrated with their horse because they are not happy with how it went or they didn’t even achieve their goal. But it isn’t the horse that wants those things, it’s you. So you need to find away to help your horse understand what you are looking for, only like that can he be a partner, but be one for him too.

No matter how high your expectations are, they can be achieved if you see the little things and value the journey to your goals.

Anyone can rush and make a horse do anything and achieve their own goals. But wouldn’t your result be more rewarding if you also maintained and improved your and your horse’s relationship.

What if you didn’t achieve your goals or were not able to complete your resolution? How does that make you feel? Sometimes things happen in life and we do not get to do what we had planned, or we realise that it isn’t suitable. Alone being able to realise that you will not be able to achieve your goal for instance because your horse isn’t fit enough or because you need more skills, shows that you are able to recognise and that you are realistic and will not rush those things. This can be one of the more difficult things to do.

Don’t feel defeated or give up, keep going. If you believe that you can achieve it, you will find away to do so.

If you would like support to set goals and help with working on the ingredients please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be able to help you create a plan that suits your and your horse’s needs.

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