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Horse & Human Development

£40 per session per person

The session is 1 hour long. No less than 2 hours for two or more people. 

Please contact me if you are interested in having an intensive week (2 hours/day over 2-4 days) or half days (4 hours)

Horse Development

£40 per session


Depending on what is being developed I recommend a minimum of 4-5 sessions, to ensure that your horse has a chance to develop a positive pattern and is set up for success.

The last session will be a handover session, intended to set up you and your horse for success and give you a chance to learn and feel of your horse.

Please contact me to get more information about your horse's individual needs

or if you would like to find out more about offering training at my facility.

Online Coaching

£30 per Session


Learn from the comfort of your own home. Send me a video and a supporting email. I will either email you with a supporting video to give you a visual or we can organise a video conference for 20 minutes.

Equine Facilitated Human Development

Sessions start at £50

Sessions are a minimum of 1hour 30 minutes long and may be up to 3 hours long.

Please contact me to get more information.

Taster sessions are available.


Terms and Conditions apply to both Horsemanship and EFHD sessions

(can be found on the forms)

50% non-refundable deposit when booking a one of session or booking more than or 14 days in advance. 

Balance payable on day.


Forms have to be filled in and returned prior to first session.


Session has to be paid fully if cancelled or not attended.

Travel expenses

Mileage is free in a radius of 10 miles from Chichester and any following miles are 40p per mile (round trip).

Additional costs

Clipping and loading sessions will include an additional cost if items are not supplied by client.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change,

updated on 6nd of January, 2023.

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