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Having a spooky highly strung Welsh section D cob is not the easiest thing especially when it comes to clipping. I had never attempted it until i started to do endurance riding when it became a necessity. After my 1st attempt when i ended up with a wound up horse to the point where he spun round & nearly broke my nose, I decided that sedation was going to be my only option. But then I was introduced to Angelique & her training methods. Her lovely attitude, knowledge of horses & calm approach meant that within 10 weeks of meeting Dylan we were clipping him freely in the field, not even tied up! No sedation necessary just owner & horse training together! So happy!

Angélique did a wonderful job working with my two horses to help build their confidence with loading into a horsebox. My horses really trusted her and understood what she wanted because her timing is so good and her energy is is calm but clear. I was very impressed by what she achieved in such a short time and with no drama....happy horses and happy me and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Hi Angélique I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your kind patience with Marble , that was the first time in countless years that she has been able to be clipped without heavy sedation and loads of stress! To see her standing there calmly loose whilst you clipped was something people were amazed to see

So much better for her and us xx

I called Angelique when I got a new pony and feel like I’ve learnt so much from her. My sessions were always really fun, relaxed and positive. I struggle to keep my cool and often get flustered or frustrated and Angelique has really helped me to be aware of my self. I highly recommend Angelique

I bought my daughter her new horse as she is increasingly getting taller on her pony.
We bought her knowing she needed time and patience.
So we asked Angelique for her help!
I already knew that Angelique was quiet and calm around the horses as I had seen her often with her own and knew some other horses she had worked with.
It’s been nearly 3 months of having Harley and already we have hit some big rewarding moments.
Things that seem so small to us but are huge to Harley. 
Angelique is incredibly understanding towards Harley very calm, patient, extremely caring and loving. Above all when Harley finds something hard to process Angelique says “ it’s ok take your time “ and won’t ask anymore of Harley until she is completely happy with where she is at. 
Throughout the sessions Angelique explains everything clearly so that not only myself but my daughter can understand what we need to work on in between our sessions. We are already looking forwards to the next one! We already knew that listening to our horses or ponies was important but since having Harley it has shown us we need to listen all the time! Thank you Angelique for your help, support and time xx


We had Angélique out to help with my little mares loading problems, she had lost all her confidence on the ramp and planted her feet and wouldn’t walk any further. Angelique was amazing so kind and gentle with her and had her walking on and off the box in no time. Can’t wait for her to come back so we can learn more highly recommended

I had a very sensitive mare who lacked confidence and had been treated badly in the past. Angelique worked in a very calm and sensitive way with her so that she was able to start building trust in the learning process, and also enjoy the process. Angelique is a very skilled horsewoman and always puts the horses needs first. She is excellent at assessing what a horse needs to move forward in its learning. She came to my yard initially to form a relationship with the mare and then took her for an intensive three week training livery to give her confidence in her ridden work in new environments. I found Angelique to be extremely professional, she kept me fully updated throughout everything and was very transparent in her service, and extremely good value. I would highly recommend her.

Angélique has been fantastic helping myself and my Welsh Cob. Despite already having 3 other ponies for many years , I was totally thrown by the personality of my new cob and I just did not know how to earn his trust and prevent him from sapping my confidence too.
Angélique has taught me how to understand my cobs personality through his body language and actions. She has taught me how and when to ask my cob to complete a task by having him relaxed and thinking. Most importantly Angélique has shown me how important timing is and how quickly horses learn given time to think and absorb and feel successful.
Angélique also has a unique gift in that she listens , hears and understands the human.
This is the part of her process that really worked for me. No matter how small a worry I had , Angélique will listen and then help to provide a solution for that situation.
I would not hesitate to recommend Angélique to help any Horse and Human to understand each other and achieve their goals.

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